Do you travel? If so, How do the travel costs work?

Yes!!!! I love to travel and I have traveled for many Weddings and Elopements. My passport is up to date just tell me where I am going!

I will give you a custom price after I have looked up flights and hotels. The cost of travel (Flight, Hotel, & Rental car; if needed) will all be included into your package. That way you won’t be paying separate fee’s and it won’t seem complicated or confusing. It would be the same thing as any wedding package as well where you pay a 30% non-refundable retainer fee to book and the remaining balance one month before your wedding.

How does your payment process work?

After I receive a signed contract from you I require a 30% non-refundable retainer fee to hold your date. The remaining 70% will be due one month before your wedding day. Your date is not booked until I receive a signed contract and the retainer fee.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! Payment plans can definitely be set up if need. Instead of two payments it would be split up into four payments, each payment being 25% of your balance. However, your remaining balance will still need to be paid in full one month before your wedding day.

Do you offer Albums & Prints to purchase?


Do you help with the planning process?

Yes! Most definitely! If you need any help with inspiration, vendors list, timeline suggestions, or anything else I will always be here to help and give my opinion.

What time of day do you prefer to shoot?

I love to shoot in golden hour. It is such a gorgeous and romantic light! Golden hour will be about an hour or so before sunset and a few minuets after sunset as well.

What is your turn around time for the images?

I will send you sneak peek images within 24-48 hours of our shoot.

Engagement sessions are 1-2 weeks and 1-4 weeks during wedding season.

Weddings are 3-6 weeks and 6-10 weeks during wedding season.

How can I access my images?

I will email you with your own personal link to your online gallery via Pixieset. It is then protected by a pin so that no one else can download your images. All images will be in high resolution for you to download and/or print.

Do you back up your images? If so, How?

YES! 100% YES! I shoot with two cameras. I also have a dual memory card slot on my cameras. Meaning that every time I take a picture that image is being saved to two different cards. When I get home I then upload all of the images to 3 different external hard-drives and I keep the memory cards that I shot on until I deliver your images. With that being said your images will be saved in 4 different locations to ensure that nothing happens to them.

What if I need to reschedule/cancel my wedding day?

All retainer fee’s are non refundable. You will need to make a new retainer fee in order to hold your new date if it is available.

What do I wear for my session?

Don’t worry! I got you! If you need any help I will most definitely send you some inspiration. You can also send me as many outfits as you want for me to help you pick.

Do you offer any kind of discounts?

No, I am sorry but I don’t.

What if there is bad weather for our session?

I shoot in all weather conditions. However, if you truly do not want to shoot in the rain then we can reschedule a new day.

What happens if you are sick on my wedding day?

The only reason I would not make it your wedding is if I am in the hospital. However, if by any chance something was to happen to me then I would have my second shooter cover the wedding for me. I only use a select few second shooters that I have worked with plenty of times and that I trust covering a wedding for me. They all have their own businesses and are fully capable of covering your wedding. I would however still edit your images for you.

How many weddings do you do a year?

I like to stay between 20-30 weddings a year